Prescribing Drugs using Consumer Reviews

Projects In this Project Course you will learn how to Deal with Data having Textual Features, you will also learn NLP Techniques to transform and Process the Data to find out Important Insights.

What will you learn?

  • You will learn how to Work on Jupyter Notebooks
  • You will learn how to install required Libraries
  • You will learn how to import required Datasets
  • You will learn to summarize the data
  • You will learn to perform Data Visualizations for Building Useful Significant Insights.
  • You will learn to perform feature engineering on Text Data.
  • You will learn to derive Important features using the dataset.
  • You will learn to make user defined functions for cleaning the Text Data
  • You will learn to Calculate Sentiment Score for understanding the Sentiment of the Text.
  • You will learn to define some Interactive functions for Prescribing the Best Drugs for each Condition.
  • You will learn to find and analyze some of the most important trends from the Dataset.

Who is this Course for?

Prescribing Drugs using Consumer Reviews

Course Requirements

  • Python Installed in your System
  • Jupyter Notebook Installed in your Systems
  • You should have completed the “Python Fundamentals” Course.
  • You should have completed the “Python for Data Science” Course.
  • You should have completed the “Data Visualization” Course.
  • You should have completed the “Query Analysis” Course.
  • You should have completed the “Data Preprocessing” Course.
  • You should have Knowledge of Regular Expressions.
  • You should have Knowledge of Text Processing.
  • You should be comfortable working with NLTK Library.







Course Curriculum

Section 1
Prescribing Drugs using Consumer Reviews
Prescribing Drugs using Consumer Reviews

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