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Hi! Data Science Aspirant. Let us ask you a question.

What will happen if (in next few weeks) you have completed 10+ Top Industry Relevant, Data Science Projects and uploaded them in your GitHub / Kaggle or other online portfolio?

Would you feel more confident about your own knowledge in the field?

Would you feel ready to face any Data Science interviews in best of the companies?

✅ Do you think your chances will increase manifold of getting accepted by recruiters?

🔰  Beginner Friendly

🎥  100+ Hours of Training

🎛️  12+ Top Industry Projects

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What’s the BIGGEST difference between someone who recently got hired (even during 😷 COVID pandemic) as a Data Scientist by a top startup or a MNC

…and somebody who is stuck in an endless do while loop of confusing tutorials, books and self-help courses. Somebody who feel like giving up on his or her DREAM, blaming bad economy, cut-throat competition or any such other reasons?

If you guessed… it’s that fancy degree, you’d be wrong.

If you guessed… studying 18 hours a day, you’d be wrong.

And if you guessed,

… their college alumni network

… their sharp ninja-like coding skills

… or their PHD level stats and mathematics knowledge

You’d still be oh-so terribly wrong. 

Hard to believe? Listen to stories of people just like you who gave a damn to conventional rules and naysayer’s opinions. They went ahead and did it. So can you. 👊


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Sarweshwar Mandal
Google Intern
B.Tech Lovely Professional University

No Coding

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Rahul Kumar
Senior Manager, Data Capabilities, American Express


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Ravish Ahuja
Director of Analytics & Growth at Saks Fifth Avenue, NYC

…Do you want to know the SECRETS of OUTSIDERS who were just like you and didn’t had fancy degrees or ninja-like coding skills and still made it?

… Here’s the secrets

After interviewing 134 Data Scientists, we compiled the Top 3 ways that completely debunk all the “traditional” approaches


You need a Structured Machine Learning Curriculum that teaches you what Industry uses today NOT yesterday


The Data Science ecosystem is VAST.

You can spend years and years but won’t cover it all.

But there is a better way. 🤔


Focus on things that matter the most.


Instead of perfecting every single Machine learning algorithm, focus on selected few.


Train your brain to solve real problems, identify patterns and develop Data Science aptitude.


You need Mentors who are Big Data Entrepreneurs or Industry Veterans


Learn from those who have done it before.


Stand on the shoulder of giants and leverage their knowledge to accelerate your career.


Your time is precious.
Spend it wisely.




Invest your time in doing projects instead of chasing degrees and diplomas 


This is the SECRET, which everyone who has made it in this field knows NOW, but wished they knew when they STARTED.


Repeat after us…


👊🏻 My Kaggle score goes further than their fancy degrees.

👊🏻 My Github profile is bigger validation than their crammed stats and probability theorems.

👊🏻 My Industry-recognised projects speak louder than their online diplomas or foreign university certificates

What DataScience Team-Leads & Hiring-Managers think about our program?
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A tale of Tech Recruiter in charge of hiring Data Scientists

Everyday hundreds and thousands of Data Science Aspirants apply to Data Science Job openings. Data Science Recruiters are flooded by these applications.

…But the question is how many of them reach next stage?

What he is GETTING.

⚠️  Unproven skills,
⚠️  Unrelated courses,
⚠️  Useless Diplomas/Degrees
⚠️  Boring Resumes
⚠️  Toy or Run-of-the-Mill Projects
🛑  Verdict: RISKY to Hire

What he NEEDS.

✅  Domain Specific Projects
✅  Proven Skills
✅  Strong Validation
✅  Not a just Theory Person
✅  Dozens of Relevant Projects on Kaggle and Github
💯  Verdict: I CAN’T AFFORD to miss this guy

Good News is ….

 Building a career in Data Science is Easier than Ever

If you have made this far, you ALREADY have confidence in your skill and are ready to take this opportunity by horns and show the world what you’re capable of. 
No need to remind you of that 🙂


But maybe, you didn’t know that following an easy to follow, step-by-step, a project-based learning curriculum guided by Big Data Entrepreneurs and Mentors can make all the difference.


This will give you a HUGE edge 💪 over your peers and will also DRASTICALLY cut down your time🕒 in achieving your dream-job.


And after a year of research and hard work of our entire team of Data Scientists, Course Creators, Video Editors and Expert Trainers, we have built a Project-Based Learning Curriculum that will make your transition into Data Science Role with ease.

Join Now!
And Transform your Career

🌟 Access to all 20+ Projects
✅  30+ Courses / 350+ Lessons
✅  150+ Hours of HD VIDEOS
✅  35+ Assignments
✅  Access to all Code & Workbooks
✅  Unlimited Doubt Resolutions
✅  Unlimited ACCESS
✅  FREE Course Updates
✅  FREE Community Access

 Working and Completing High-Quality Industry Projects is the Single Most Powerful Thing You Can Do to Secure Your Career in Data Science.

We brought together some of the of data scientists, AI and ML entrepreneurs, Kaggle grand masters to create Industry best projects for you to build your Project Portfolio.

Our every project comes with…


Evert Projects comes with 2-3 hours of video lessons giving you step-by-step solution with explanation of the entire project


You will get the entire project workbooks, datasets, and other resources with it


Build your Project Portfolio by adding these projects to your Online Profiles like GitHub, LinkedIn, Kaggle etc

Top Projects that YOU will be doing

#1 Startups Case Study

Domain: BFSI 🏦

Analyze the Indian Startups, and Understand the Startup Ecosystems in India to answer some Interesting Questions. Try to find out the Major Investors and Startups.

Project Goals

#2 Players Performance Reviewer

Domain: Sports 🏀

Analyze the performance metrics of players based on their ground positions, skills, nationality, clubs, age, height, weight, and understanding the major factors driving the performance of these players.

Project Goals

#3 Movie Recommender Engine

Domain: Entertainment 🎥

Build a Recommendation Engine that could take customer inputs like Choice of Actors, Genres etc, and Recommend the Best Movies to Watch. This improves user engagement and customer

Project Goals

#4 Cost of Living Analyzer Globally

Domain: Social 🌎

Answer the most common questions regarding living standards in different countries and understand the reasons behind them. Through this project we will uncover and explore various types of lifestyles, living standard and luxuries around the world

Project Goals

#5 Open Jobs Analyser and Recommendation System

Domain: IT / Software 🖥️

Clean and process the data and analyze the trends and patterns to understand which kind of jobs and industries are growing and search jobs based on experience, education, skills, and industries.

Project Goals

Domain: BFSI 🏦

The risk-return-ratio is a measure of return in terms of risk for a specific time period. The percentage return for the time period is measured in a straightforward way:

Project Goals

#7 Employee Promotion Recommendation

Domain: Human Resource 👩‍💼

Predict whether the employee deserves Promotion based on different attributes like Age, Training Score, Region, Department, Awards, KPIs, etc

Project Goals

#8 CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) Prediction Engine 

Domain: E-Commerce/Retail 🛒

Customer lifetime value is one of the key stats likely to be tracked as part of a customer experience program. CLV is a measurement
of how valuable a customer is to a company with for his lifetime as opposed to just the first purchase. 

Project Goals

Domain: Health Care 🏥

Understand and Predict the medical expenditure of users by analysing factors such as age, weights , smoking behaviours and lifestyle. 

Project Goals

#10 Customer Segmentation Engine 

Domain: E-Commerce/Retail 🛒

Divide the customer base into several groups of individuals that share a similarity in different ways that are relevant to marketing such as gender, age, interests, and miscellaneous spending habits.

Project Goals

Here’s a short preview from inside ...

We have combined a few random lessons from various courses to give you a glimpse of what you can expect from the training.

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This is one of the most comprehensive Data Science training on the planet that focuses on hands-on learning, story-telling and practical application.

The engaging storytelling will ensure that you binge-watch and have loads of fun while mastering some of the most advance concepts of Data Science.

Your Rock-Solid Money Back Guarantee 

Our Guarantee is simple.
If you are not 100% satisfied with the course.


We insist you take your money back.


Just send one email (with the Order Id and same email you used to make the purchase, within 7 days of your purchase) to us at [email protected]


If you contact us for a refund, we’ll issue it promptly and courteously.


There is no RISK on your part. Zero, Nada, Nil…

Our Students Success is Our Success

It’s so satisfying to see our students succeed. We get a tremendous dose of happiness to see our hard working students achieving what they rightly deserve.

Khushali Rawal

Health Care Analyst,

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 Right from the weekly live session to  multiple hands-on projects to unlimited doubt solving and all of this with  the team of Industry Experts.

I  am sure that my learning approach is on right track.

Manisha Sharma

Data Scientist, GE

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I have two words. Amazing Course. I was not sure if I had the attention span to take an online course.

But I am so happy to be proven wrong… I have learned more than expected and would like to continue this adventure to dig deeper.

Sagnik Saha

Data Professional, BYJUs
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In every interview, interviewers were impressed by the projects

I have done via this course. The course is also very well structured. I would highly recommend it to everyone.

Tamanna Sharma

Six Sigma Black Belt QE
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I opted for DataisGood because it focused on projects. I believed one of my best decisions in life. This course exceeds my expectations in many parts.

After taking this course and doing various projects I feel unstoppable now.

Prashant Singh

Vice President,

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I was amazed by how much I was able to gain in such a short amount of time. The #1 thing I got from the course was the confidence to complete complicated projects.

Now I am also a believer in Projects over Degrees

Atul Singh

Data Professional
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I have seen so many videos on YouTube, but I was kinda struck. They were hard to understand and follow along with them. 

I am binge watching course videos. I am so keen to get to the next project  because

I am having super-fun and grasping amazing ideas
after completing every project. 

Ravi Emandi

Data Analyst,
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Perfect course for beginners, data leaders and data-driven entrepreneurs. Hands-on Projects have given me a completely different perspective on how projects are done in the industry.

Recruiters were impressed when I showcased my project portfolio which I was able to build because of this course. 

Sourav Kumar

Data Analyst,

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I was very sceptical that I can complete a course Online, but thankfully DataisGood proved me wrong.

They helped me chose the right path, the right projects and gave me the right guidance.

DataisGood has changed my life.

Data Science Course Curriculum

Besides projects, you will get access to 22 Data Science Courses that will take you from zero Knowledge to an expert Data Scientist.

We brought together some of the of best data scientists, AI and ML entrepreneurs, Kaggle Grandmasters to create Industry best courses and projects for you to build a 🤘 ROCKSTAR Data Scientist in you.

A Super-helpful Data Science Community That Answers All Your Queries 

(Even if it’s 🕑 2am)
We have over 2000+ Members Community of Data Science Aspirants, Professionals, Veterans and Grand Masters who are ready to help each other at any time, day or night.


Do you have a question about DataisGood that is not listed below? If you, please
contact us on [email protected]

All our learning paths and courses in HD quality videos. You will also get access to all projects with codes, workbooks, cheat-sheets. Your subscription service also includes Unlimited Doubt Resolutions and access to private member groups. 

Sure do! In your course dashboard you can download an official certificate of completion that can be used to be reimbursed by your employer or land that dream job you are applying for. 

Yes! We have a 20% off discount for students on our regular priced individual courses. Email us a photo of a valid college or university ID and we’ll get you set up! The discount can be applied to any subscription plan.

Please note: additional discounts do not apply to already discounted courses or products, for example bundles or early bird launch offers. The highest single discount applies. 

Each week has between 3-6 hours of video lessons with  assignments and quizzes on top of that. 

We offer a range of team and group pricing, even if you don’t all work together! Get in touch with us and we will build a plan that fits with you. 

Our Guarantee is simple.
If you are not 100% satisfied with the workshop.
We insist you take your money back.

Just sent one email (with the Order Id and same email you used to make the purchase, within 7 days of your purchase) to us at [email protected]

If you contact us for a refund, we’ll issue it promptly and courteously. We’ll even bear the processing fees at our end.

There is no RISK on your part. Zero, Nada, Nil…

You’re not alone. We’re all new or progressing at something. We provide UNLIMITED doubt clearing sessions through our highly active forums. In addition to that we offer email support, Whats app Support, Slack support etc. Whatever way works for you. 

We are a recurring subscription service. Your subscription will auto renew monthly or annually based on the plan type. You can cancel your subscription anytime from your dashboard. 

Absolutely – you can upload these projects on GitHub and Kaggle. We recommend you to add these projects in your portfolio .It will increase your chances of getting accepted by recruiters. 

Absolutely. All learning paths and courses in them are beginner friendly. We have built courses in a manner that everyone from beginners, students, working professionals and anyone who wants to learn Data Science will benefit from them immensely. 

There is no prerequisite or programming knowledge required. 

Yes, the program is entirely online so that you can study flexibly according to your own schedule. You get access to our active student community and, after the program, you will have a global network of other ambitious alumni and mentors to support you.  

You can look at the entire course curriculum here. If you want to see what kind of projects you will be working on then, click here! 

Sure – email us at [email protected] or give us a call +91-88649 50180! 

Join Now!
And Transform your Career

🌟 Access to all 20+ Projects
✅  30+ Courses / 350+ Lessons
✅  150+ Hours of HD VIDEOS
✅  35+ Assignments
✅  Access to all Code & Workbooks
✅  Unlimited Doubt Resolutions
✅  Unlimited ACCESS
✅  FREE Course Updates
✅  FREE Community Access

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