Machine Learning

Learn Machine Learning from Scratch by Real world Examples, Get Exposure to some of the Most Useful and Powerful Predictive Modelling Strategies used in the Real World by Industry Leaders and Domain Experts. Practice Machine Learning Algorithms on Real World Datasets and Become an Expert.

Courses Included

Course 1

✔ Learn to Handle Missing values in a Real-world Scenario.

✔ Learn to Handle Outliers in a Real-world Scenario.

✔ Learn Data Manipulation Functions for Cleaning the Data.

Course 2

✔ Learn to Extract Features from Dates and Times.

✔ Learn to Extract Features from Numerical Data and Categorical Data.

✔ Learn Advanced Functions to Extract New Features from the Data.

Course 3

✔ Learn advanced Data Transformations Techniques.

✔ Learn Encoding Techniques to deal with Categorical Data.

✔ Learn Cross Validation Techniques.

Course 4

✔ Implement Machine Learning Algorithms.

✔ Learn Regularization Techniques such as Ridge, Lasso, and Elastic Net.

✔ Learn Feature Selection,  Hyper Parameter Tuning for Improving the Model.

Course 5

✔ Implement Decision Trees and Random Forestsusing Sklearn.

✔ Learn Gini Index and Information Gain.

✔ Understand the working of Random Forests and Decision Trees in Depth.


Course 6

✔ Understand the Concept of Boosting using Ada Boosting Gradient Boosting.

✔ Learn to implement the XG Boost Model.

✔ Learn about the Ensembling Techniques used to Enhance Accuracy of Predictive Models.

Course 7

✔ Understand the Concept of Over Sampling and Under Sampling.

✔ Implement Over Sampling and Under Sampling Techniques.

✔ Using XG Boost for Imbalanced Data sets.

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We are on a mission to create Data Science courses that will make our students not just learn the subject, but fall in ❤️ love with that subject so that they become lifelong passionate learners and explorers of that subject.

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