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Maryam Siddiqui

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Aditi Girotra

Senior Editor and Data Science
Evangelist @DataisGood

What You're Going To Learn 👇

✅   The five essential steps you need, to start any Data Science Project. 

✅   Complete an Industry Relevant Project that will impress your friends and recruiters alike.

✅   Get the Downloadable Codes, Workbook, PDF of the Project to upload it in your Resume and start building your Data Science Portfolio.

✅  Implement and Apply Core Data Science Analysis to find hidden trends and patterns.  

✅   Learn about the latest tools, technologies, and algorithms required to solve easy to advanced Data Science Problems.

✅   Understand the Difference Between a Toy Data Set and an Industry Relevant Project.

✅   What most Aspirant Data Scientists get entirely wrong — and how using this knowledge can help you turn the tide and jump-start your Data Science career almost immediately.

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…Even if you are a Beginner

FREE! for a Limited Time

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