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Domain: BFSI

Analyze the Indian Startups and Understand the Startup Ecosystems in India to answer some Insightful and Interesting Questions.

Project Goals

✔ Explore the driving force behind Start-ups.

✔ Understand the Impact of different factors on the Growth of Startup companies.

✔ Financial Analysis and Exploratory Analysis for the Data.

Domain: Sports

Analyze Performance metrics of players based on their skills, nationality, clubs, age etc to understand factors driving the performance of these players.

Project Goals

✔ Recommendation of Players based on Positions.

✔ Grouping of Players based on their Mental and Physical Strengths.

✔ Sort Players and clubs for comparative analysis.

Domain: Entertainment

Build an Engine that could take customer inputs like Choice of Actors, Genres etc, and Recommend Movies by analyzing the data in 360 degree.

Project Goals

✔ User Personalization to increase user engagement and App Stickiness.

✔ Improve App stickiness for Higher Content Consumption.

✔ Build a Robust Movie  Recommendation Engine.

Domain: Geo Spatial

Answer the most common questions regarding living standards in different countries and understand the reasons behind them.

Project Goals

✔ Help Customers make choices with regards to their Trip Planning.

✔ Perform Geo-spatial Analysis to answer specific cost related questions.

Domain: IT/Software

Clean, Process and Analyze to fetch the hidden trends and patterns to understand the dataset and Recommend Best quality Jobs.

Project Goals

✔ Analyze the Most popular Job Locations, Job Title, Industries, Job Roles, etc.

✔ Predict the Quality of a Job Role based on defined Metrics.

Domain: HR

Predict whether the employee deserves Promotion based on different attributes like Training Score, Region, Department etc.

Project Goals

✔ Human Resource Management Automation and decrease in Churn Rate.

✔ Help in Decision Making for Employee Increment & Promotion.

Domain: Healthcare

Understand and Predict the medical expenditure of users by analyzing factors such as age, weights, smoking behaviors and lifestyle. 

Project Goals

✔ Track Consumer Health Issues.

✔ Setup a Benchmark Healthy Lifestyle of User Cohorts.

✔ Understand the Factors which are highly influentials in deciding the Health Expenses.

Domain: Sports

Perform Sports Analysis and find out interesting and Impact Patterns and Insights to understand the Strategies to win an IPL Match.

Project Goals

✔ Understanding Match results, discovering the Biggest Matches in IPL and comparing Popular IPL Teams.

✔ Understand the Impact of Players and  Toss Wins in the Matches.

Domain: Ecommerce

Estimate the Lifetime Value of a Customer Transaction to Improve the Overall Sales of an Organization using RFM Analysis.

Project Goals

✔ Performing the Frequency, Recency, and Monetary Value Analysis.

✔ Predicting whether the Customer is alive or or not, & generate Future Transactions at Customer Level.

Domain: BFSI

Optimize the Investments by Identifying profitable Stocks using the Sharpe Ratio used for Investment of Funds. 

Project Goals

✔ Analyze Risks and Rewards.

✔ Risk Intelligence helps in better financial decisions.

✔ Use Sharpe Ratio to get best estimate of Risks.

Domain: E-Commerce

Divide the customer base into several groups of individuals that share a similarity in different ways and are relevant for marketing purposes.

Project Goals

✔ Identify the Target Group of Customers.

Categorize the data into n number of relevant groups which are useful for Marketing Purposes.

Domain: Marketing

Compare different Marketing Ad Campaigns to Optimize the Conversion and Minimize the Cost of Leads.

Project Goals

✔ Understand the Impact of some of the Most Important Marketing KPIs in Return of Investment.

✔ Optimize the Process of Driving Sales Conversion.

Domain: BFSI

Implement a Classification Predictive Model for Determining whether a Candidate should be Granted Loan or Not. 

Project Goals

✔ Understand the Major Factors determining whether a Candidate should get Loan.

✔ Visualize the Hidden Patterns in the Dataset.

✔ Implement Machine Learning Models to build a Predictive Model.

Domain: Healthcare

Prescribe Drugs for Each of the Medical Conditions and Find out Important Insights within the data using NLP Techniques.

Project Goals

✔ Calculate Sentiment Score for understanding the Sentimental Meaning of the text.

Perform Text Analysis for better understanding of the Data.

Prescribe the Best and Worst Drugs.

Domain: Healthcare

Build an Image Classifier to detect Pneumonia from Human Chest X-rays using advanced Deep Learning Techniques.

Project Goals

✔ Build and Train a Deep Learning Model such as Resnet for performing the task of Image Classification.

✔ Use Advanced Tricks and Techniques for Improving the Model Performance.

Domain: Agricultural

Achieve Precision Farming by suggesting Best Crops according to Climatic Factors to Optimize Agricultural Production.

Project Goals

✔ Analyze the Climatic Factors Best to Grow Certain Crops.

✔ Recommend Crops by looking at Certain Climatic Factors.

Domain: Agriculture

Build an Image Classifier to Identify more than 50 different types of Fruits using Advanced Deep Neural Networks.

Project Goals

✔ Understand how to handle Complex Image Classification Problems

Learn Advanced Image Processing and Feature Engineering.

Domain: Banking

We will learn how to explore the data. Analyze the Types of Complaints such as credit card complaints, service complaints and bank account complaints, etc.

Project Goals

Analyze the Types of Complaints such as credit card complaints

✔ Service complaints and bank account complaints

Domain: Finance

Understand and Analyze the Stock Market and It’s Fluctuations to Forecast Stock Prices using Advanced AI Algorithms.

Project Goals

✔ Analyze the Statistical Properties of Stock Market Data.

✔ Extract Important Features determining the Stock Prices and Forecast them.

Domain: Software

Build a Face Expression Recognizer to detect Human Emotions such as Happiness, Sadness, Disgust, Anger, Surprise etc.

Project Goals

✔ Apply and Implement Advanced Computer Vision Algorithms.

✔ Identify the Human Emotions in a Real time Environment.

Domain: Software

Build an Engine to Extract Data and Process the Data to understand the Overall Sentiment and Subjectvity of the Topic.

Project Goals

✔ Clean and Process the Data to analyze useful information from the Data. 

✔ Analyze the Sentiment of the Topic.

Understand and Analyze the Stock Market and It’s Fluctuations to Forecast Stock Prices using Advanced AI Algorithms.

Project Goals

✔ Analyze the Statistical Properties of Stock Market Data.

✔ Extract Important Features determining the Stock Prices and Forecast them.

Analyze the music classification in Spotify such as Acousticness, Liveness, Speechiness, Instrumentalness, etc.

Project Goals

✔ Analyze the Artist Segmentation based on Music.

✔ Analyze the Mostly Preferred Artist by the people.

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