Python Data Analysis

Learn all the Fundamental concepts required for Exploratory Data Analysis using Python Programming Language.Get a Structured Path to Learn the Most Interesting Skills required to become a Professional Data Analyst in any Vertical. Get Access to 100+ Exercises and Quizzes to Practice your Skills.

Courses Included

Course 1

✔ Learn about Date and Times and Regular Expressions.

✔ Learn Numpy for Complex Mathematical Operations.

✔ Learn Pandas in depth for Data Frame Manipulation.

Course 2

✔ Perform Grouping Operations and Filtering Operations.

✔ Perform Interactive Query Analysis using Ipy Widgets.

✔ Learn Cross Tabulation using Cross Tabs.

Course 3

✔ Learn Univariate, Bivariate and Multivariate Analysis.

✔ Learn Animated and Interactive Data Visualizations.

✔ Plot Charts used in Finance, Marketing etc.

Course 4

Data Exploration

✔ Learn to analyze the Target Data using the Dabl library.

✔ Learn Pandas Profiling for analyzing the whole data at once.

✔ Learn about the Sweet Viz for Comparing Datasets.

Course 5

✔ Learn Bayes Theorem, Basic and Conditional Probabilities.

✔ Learn Normal Distributions, Skewness, and QQ Plots.

✔ Learn Central Limit theorem, and Confidence Intervals.

Course 6

✔ Learn the Types of Error in Hypothesis Testing.

✔ Learn to implement t-Test, z-Test and their types.

✔ Learn ANOVA, Chi squared Goodness Tests, and  Chi square Test of Independence.

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