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Learning path

Change the traditional approach to learning Tableau. Instead of spending months on maths and theory, focus on projects, practical skills and tech that in in-demand

Course Curriculum

We brought together some of the of best Tableau Professional, AI and ML entrepreneurs, Kaggle grand masters to create Industry best courses and projects for you to build a 🤘 ROCKSTAR Tableau Professional in you.


Course 1

✔ You will learn to create simple dashboards.

✔ You will learn about the dimensions, measures and filtering data.

✔ You will learn to prepare the Charts, and Maps.

✔ You will learn about the Formatting Pane, Styling, Customizing tooltip and mark labels, etc.


Course 2

✔ You will learn about managing data, Data extraction, Joins and blending, etc.

✔ You will learn about sorting, groups, hierarchies, sets, data filters.

✔ You will learn about maps, layers, geocoded fields, WMS, etc.

✔ You will learn about storytelling, dashboards, Containers, dashboard actions.


Course 3

✔ You will learn about types of calculations, types of Conversions and various functions.

✔ You will learn about table calculations with table functions, conditional highlighting and also various functions.

✔ You will learn about LoD Expressions such as Include, exclude, Nested, and also Sparklines.

✔ You will learn about the basics of Parameters, Dynamic dimensions and measures, and reference lines.

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We are on a mission to create Data Science courses that will make our students not just learn the subject, but fall in ❤️ love with that subject so that they become lifelong passionate learners and explorers of that subject.

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